Whoa MIA

It's been awhile for a lot of things...

Haven't pressed play on P90X in about a month. I guess I was getting discouraged because I didn't really lose much weight. However, when I stopped, I lost 10lbs. Maybe the stress of work? Could be.

Since it's summer, hopefully I'll be more active.

Well, today we saw our second venue. This one, much in demand (two year waiting list!), could be ours! But our dream date of August 21, 2010 might be pushed back to November 6, 2010. We'll see. Were debating because we have to decide where to have our ceremony since we can't have it there. We have to decide quickly. Maybe over night!


Day 33 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 2, Week 5: KENPO X

I LOVE KENPO X! I feel I get the most sweatiest when I do Kenpo X. The more I sweat, the more calories I burn. And the more calories I burn, the more closer I get to my weight goal!

I know I haven't been really on the ball this past week and last with P90X. I guess my previous illness messed me up as well as the stress from my new job. So I'll do what I can do and hopefully I can catch up and get back on track.

Oh, I lost 5lbs in the last week! :)


Day 32 of P90X

Today was a no-go with P90X. I had a massive migraine and it wouldn't go away. Then I had to head to work. PM shift hours are terrible. I'll catch up on the weekend.


Our Dream Venue...

So it turns out that our dream venue, the Island Club, is not taking events for 2010. They're going through renovations for the entire year. :( I was so devastated when I heard that. The FH and I have been talking about that place since we've been engaged. So now we are on the hunt for another venue that :
  • Is on the beach
  • Is on the Navy Base or affiliated with (they have the best deals for catering and reception)
  • Can have both the Ceremony and reception close to each other.
There is another venue on the same strip of beach that we can have the ceremony at. We're considering that.

I guess we'll keep looking :(

Day 31 of P90X

P90X Lean:
Phase 2, Week 5: CARDIO X

Oops. Today's suppose to be Yoga X but I switched it to Cardio X because I had so much to do before I had to go to work that there wasn't any time to do Yoga. :( I haven't done Yoga X in awhile. :( I promise, soon.


Day 30 of P90X


O M G.

O M G. Seriously.

I have never ever worked my chest, shoulders & triceps so hard in my life. I've never done so many push-ups either. I've never even done 3 consecutive push-ups (not the knee kind) in my life. WOWWIE. What a work out.

So I guess this is part of the "Muscle Confusion" that P90X is known for. I've never done this session before, so I was quite surprised. But, I forced myself to try each and every set even if it made me topple over. The slow push-ups killed it. But it was awesome! The set of reps when you "pour" the weight? Killer. I can't wait to try this again next week.

AB Ripper X is beginning to be my friend. I think I can do every single move but not at the same pace as Tony does. So I just pause or rewind to catch up. I find this helps a lot because they tend to Bring It and I'm just not there yet.

My diet continues to be terrible. That's what happens when you have a future husband who love to cook for you. :) I love what he makes that's why it's so bad. lol. Portion control and Bring it. :)


Day 29 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 2, Week 5: Cardio X

Pretty good workout. I always love Cardio X. :)

Sorry, gotta get ready for work :)



Day 27 of P90X

I can't get rid of this stomach bug! :(


Day 26 of P90X

P90X was a no go again today. My stomach was still aching and I had work later today. I couldn't even tolerate any meals because it would just discourage my stomach. Damn Milk!

So what happens if you get ill during P90X? Will you be able to catch up? I hope so. No rest day for me tomorrow.

Some Exciting News!

So as most of you know, the FH and I are planning on funding our wedding ourselves. And for the past month, we've been saving and saving and trying to get back up financially. Well, we have all our finances in order AND we will be making the deposit on our dream venue in the NEXT COUPLE WEEKS! That means SETTING THE DATE!

So time to bring it with the P90X!!!


Day 25 of P90X

This might be a bit of TMI for some of you but I really, really cannot tolerated Milk. I was reminded again today when I was eating a bit of chocolate and I chased it with a small bottle of Low Fat Milk. It probably wasn't even Low Fat because I have never experienced the after effects like this before. My stomach begun to cramp like it never did before. As if it was turning over and over. I seriously wanted to go into the Hospital or something because it was unbearable. :( Thank God I was off of work and I could rest it off. So I just took some tylenol and some antacids and tried to sleep it off. But sleeping was impossible.

What a waste of a recovery week!


Day 24 of P90X

P90X Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: KENPO X

Kenpo X again?

Oh Kenpo X. I'm sorry I doubted you. I'm sorry my first impression of you wasn't the best.

Kenpo X was AMAZING today. I was sweating like crazy and I brought every single move. I even did the "X" . Damn, what an improvement from the first day I tried it. I loved it!


Day 23 of P90X

P90X Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: CORE SYNERGISTICS

I hate my new schedule. Working Swing Shift messes up my whole routine. I use to work out in the early evening to help me wind down, but now, I have to do it in the morning. Today I woke up a little later than usual and I ended up just finishing my workout. I usually like to rest before I go to work too... but no time. I guess thats the sacrifice I must make!

Core Synergistics... I feel like I haven't been doing this one as much. I guess this is only the, 4th time? Probably why. But it went well. I'm working on perfecting each movement, especially my push-ups. I struggle with those. But I did pretty well with the Push-up Reach High and Low ones. I think thats my favorite of this workout. I haven't even attempted to do the advance session. Maybe next time?

Okay well, time to get ready for work. grr.


Day 22 of P90X

P90x Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: YOGA X

So much for a resting week. Yoga X today kicked my butt. I seriously am losing my motiviation. I think it's the anxiety of this new job. But at least I am still pressing play, right?

Well, I feel like I'm doing really well with Yoga X. I don't do the extreme, advanced poses, but I do every single one! I tumble a bit, but I get back up and do it! I really, really like the Yoga Belly 7 they do at the end. Although it's super long, I feel it really relaxes and stretches out my sore body and still gives me an awesome workout.

As far as diets go, I've been trying to cut the calories. I've been portion controlling and eating mostly salads when I go out. So hopefully this will help with the results I'm dying to see.


Day 21 of P90X

P90X Lean: Last Day of Phase 1 and Week 3: KENPO X

Work was so difficult today. It sucks being the newbie in a whole different environment. It's like the first day of school again.

I came home and had a little QT with the FH. Worked out at my usual time. For some reason I didn't want to do Kenpo X so I started to do Cardio X... but my arms were killing me from yesterday's workout of the back, so I just went back to the Kenpo X.

When I usually start a workout routine, a few weeks into it, I start to lose interest and start half-assing it. I told myself I wouldn't do it with P90X but it's starting. Maybe because I get too tired from work? I dunno. Like I said in previous posts, I'm a bit discouraged because I haven't been getting the results I want. I haven't even lost notable weight. My FH says that he sees my abs working while I work out and my arms are getting more toned. But I don't see it. I need to do some more research maybe...

Anyways, Kenpo X was fun. I don't know why I've been trying to avoid it.

Weird thing today was, I actually said, "Shut up Tony, You're too funny." OMG. lol

No rest day for me! Straight on to RECOVERY WEEK!!!


Saving for the Wedding... Being the Frugal Bride-to-Be

If me and my FH had the funds, we'd be married already. We would have the date set at least and be married by the end of the year. But that's not the case.

Basically, the economic downfall hit us hard and we are just now getting back on our feet. I guess during that time, we really learned how to buckle down and not splurge on the unnecessary. Trust me, I was really, really bad. I was the one who's paycheck was half gone before the weekend was over. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks.

So we just started saving for the wedding. We try to put 25-30% of our week's paycheck aside and whatever else we can. So far it's working out well. We don't touch our savings unless we both agree its an emergency or it relates to the wedding.

For each month, we set our Wedding Financial goal. For the month of June, we hope to make a down payment for our venue (that means setting the date!!!!).

So, how do I learn how to save money?

  • Leave the Credit Cards at home. If I can't pay for it by the end of the month, I don't need it.
  • Use cash. If you are just purchasing something less than 20$ then just pull out the cash. Sometimes when you use your debit card, you tend to forget that you spent the 3$ on lunch or 5$ at starbucks.
  • Don't buy it unless you have a coupon. Sorry, I learned this from Kate (Jon & Kate plus 8). When the FH and I go out to eat, we use coupons. A lot of local restaurants have awesome deals but by coupon only. Check your local paper or mailers.
  • Bring a lunch to work. Sometimes we just don't have enough time in the morning, but if you make it before you put away the leftover dinner and stick it in the fridge, its one less thing to do (and more time to snooze!) I like to make bento boxes sometimes.

I have many, many more ideas... I gotta save this for another post. Time for bed :)

Day 20 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1, Week 3: Legs & Back, AB Ripper X

Today was my day off. Finally got in a full 8 hours (or even more) of sleep. I spent the beginning of my day with my Hubbie-to-be. Rested some more (I think I nap too much), and then he left for work. Which left me time to work out.

I don't know about yah'll but I can't work out if someone is watching me. Me and my FH use to workout together but our schedules are so messed up that it we just ended up doing our own thing. So when the cat's away, it's time for P90X!

Legs & Back went very, very well. I increased the resistance in the bands and used the more heavier ones. Much, much better and I definitely felt the burn.

I guess my overall goal with my legs is to tone them. In addition to my arms, and tummy, I feel my legs are up there with the worst parts of my body. I inherited them so it's my mom's fault. Haha. Remember Britney Spear's prior to her toned body (the first time?) well, those are my legs.

So the calf raises (OUCH!) will help as well with all the lunges. I just hope the size of my butt doesn't decrease because that's one of the things I do like. Haha.

Ab Ripper X... I didn't really feel like Bringing It today so I just did at least 10 of each set but I did do the 40 reps of the Mason Balls (is that what its called? can't remember).

Recovery Week just around the corner! And THEN.. PHASE 2!


Wedding Post...

Haven't been much in Bride-to-be mode so I'm off tomorrow so I'll plan to make a post strictly about bride stuff

Yay good nite!

Day 19 of P90X

P90X Lean:
Phase 1, Week 3 YOGA X

I dread Yoga. It's not that I don't like, it's just too long. BUT I am getting awesome at it! I can do the runners' stretch and I can put my palms flat on the ground while doing triangle poses.

I did good on the diet today. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter, Asian Chicken Salad... and well.. a Whopper JR. :( That's why I did the extra 20mins on the treadmill.

I'm off tomorrow! Woot. I got holiday pay AND we get every other week off and benefits are awesome!


Day 18 of P90X


I was so so so so tired when I got home from work today that I slept right when I got home. The weekend must have caught up with me. I screwed myself though cuz when I woke up, I wasn't really awake awake, but I still wanted to sleep but couldn't so I popped a Tylenol 500mg and crashed. I know bad but I was dead tired.


Day 17 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1, Week 3: SHOULDERS & ARMS

I'm starting to feel the burn!

I started using only 5lbs because it's all I had and I didn't want to "BULK" up. I increased the reps and maxed out at 15X but I still didn't really feel it. So I switched to the bands mid-session and found that I was really feeling each set differently. Possibly I'll be using bands permanently!

Work is sucking out my energy. But the stress of a nurse feeds my exercise hunger!


Day 16 of P90X

P90X Lean: Week3, Phase 1 CARDIO X

Had to push myself a bit to workout. I'm a little sad because I'm not yet seeing the results I want to see. Anyhoo, all negative thoughts aside, I felt really good about this workout. I did every single set and rep and I felt awesome after. :)

I'm not going to write about what I eat anymore because its quite sad. Because it was Memorial Weekend, I splurged a bit on the diet. Kinda makes me feel bad. Maybe thats why I'm not getting any results!


Day 15 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1, Week 3 : Core Synergisitics

Today was the last day my cousin and his fiance were in town. Originally we were going to go to the Wild Animal Park but decided against it since it was already a little late in the day. We decided to go do some sightseeing in the Gaslamp Quarter, and then we ventured off to Mission Beach to check out the beach and Belmont park. We all rode the famous Giant Dipper. It was seriously hilarious! I recorded a video on my little point and shoot but only got views of myself screaming my head off and of my right ear. HAHA.

We then went to D&B's for dinner and I had a Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad. It was very yummy! I love eating salads now. And then we had to say our goodbyes :( It was hella fun hanging out with them. I miss them already!

When I got home, I just wanted to crash because the weekend drag so much out of me but it was worth it! But I knew I had to do my P90X so I just did it. It was Core Synergisitcs so it wouldn't be that bad. HA. It went fairly well. I did as much as I could with the push-ups. I actually did a modified version of the Prison Cell Push-up and dang, I felt it in my body. I also did the complete Dreya Roll! Maybe I can get some air pretty soon!

I can't believe I'm starting Week 3! Next week is Phase 2. I'm concerned though because I'm not getting much of a result as I want to. Maybe it's too early?


Day 14 of P90X

Instead of doing Kenpo X, we all went to Point Loma and did some hiking and sightseeing! The weather was warm and breezy. It was really fun and educational oh and especially beautiful! Sometimes just going sightseeing will make you appreciate why you love where you live! :) And I just happen to live in the best town ever!

Diet: Breakfast consisted of eggs and a cup of joe. For lunch we had to go where we could experience San Diego best, Santana's! Had some surf n' turf burrito and bean quesadilla. Dinner we grilled some steak and corn. Yummy!

Week 3 starts tomorrow!


Day 13 of P90X

Took another early rest day! My cousin and his fiance from Sactown came down and we went out to eat so I just took a rest day!


Day 12 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1, Week 2: Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X

During Phase 1, my body is adjusting to all the strenuous activity and by Week 3 (Which is right around the corner!) I'll be able to hang with every single set and every single rep. Yay!

I think this was the main reason to my muscle soreness last week. I couldn't even bend to sit down after Yoga X. As of right now, I'm not feeling anything except muscle twitching every now and then. :)

Legs & Back this week was awesome. I did every single set and maxed out on my reps.

Ab Ripper X is progressing! I did every single set as well and took breaks and did every single rep! :)

I'm so happy with my progress although my body doesn't quite look the way I want it to (well, it's only almost been 2 weeks!) but I feel great! I'm starting to fit into some of my old clothes so that makes me happy!

Work is killing my diet!

Breakfast: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, Water (it was to-go, running late! no excuse!)
Lunch: Taco Salad from Carl's JR (I know, gross but it was the only place close to work!), I didn't eat the shell.
Dinner: Steamed Rice and mongolian beef 1/2 cup.

Okay. Gotta go to bed!


Day 11 of P90X

P90X: Lean Phase 1 Week 2 Yoga X

Oh Yoga X.

I think I'm falling in love with Yoga. I attempted all poses even the crane, fell over a couple times, but less than before. Woohoo. The Yoga Belly 7 (is that what it's called?) was killing me! My core was shaking, my legs were burning, and I was just in agony but stuck with it as long as I could. Love it. Don't know if I could ever do Yoga in public though haha. Maybe after P90X!

I gotta keep this short because I gotta wake up early again tomorrow for a Skills Lab. We had this presentation for Benefits and I'm so lucky to have such an awesome employer! Woohoo! Personal Wellness Days? Yay!

Diet: Not too good again. I forgot to pack a lunch and I forgot to go grocery shopping.
Breakfast: Peanut butter & Jelly Sandwich on White Bread (1/2)
Snack: Mini Snickers candy and M&M peanuts. ( I was sooo tired I needed sugar and no fruit to buy!)
Lunch: Spicy Chicken Wrap & Small Fries from Wendy's :(
Dinner: Some beef stew thing.

Can't wait for the weekend! My cousin Randolph and his fiance Gwen are coming down from Sactown to stay down here. Yay!


Day 10 of P90X

P90X: Lean Phase 1, Week 2 Shoulders & Arms

I had a really freaken long day today but I was able to get out a little early so I rested a bit and then hit P90X. I probably did max reps on each set so I was pretty happy. I even attempted the Bonus Round but my arms were burning by the end of it. Ab Ripper X was killer as well and I did every single set but struggle with completely the entire 25 reps. BUT I did do at least 15 reps.

Breakfast: Half a slice of peanut butter sandwich on white :(
Snack: Granola Bar
Lunch: Turkey, Cranberry Walnut Vinaigrette Salad
Dinner: Two pieces of Futomaki and Rainbow Sushi and the yummiest Teriyaki Chicken Wrap.
Drink: Water only.


Day 09 of P90X

P90X: Phase 1 Week 2 Cardio X

I had a really, really long day.

Woke up at 0430 didn't have time for a proper breakfast so I drank a couple glasses of water and munched on some crackers and was out the door. I had to be at the hospital by 0530 to be in Pasadena by 0900. I made it and slept some of the way. When we got there we had breakfast. I had a cup of Starbucks Coffee with sugar & cream, strawberry yogurt, and half a loaf of some breakfast cake.

Then the day progressed with activities and facility history and all that first day stuff. Lunch came along and I had a Turkey Sub with a side of coleslaw which was really tart. Then during the afternoon I had fresh fruit and a glass of super sweet lemonade. I drank a lot of water as well.

We were back on the bus at 1500 and I got home about 1730 actually 1800 and had dinner, left over Chinese because I was madd hungry. Rested for an hour and did Cardio X!

Oh Cardio X how I adore you so!

I did everything. All the sets, all the push ups, all the dreya-rolls (minus jumping up in the air). Did you notice in P90X we don't take any breaks? I mean you can, but Tony doesn't! It felt so good to be dripping in sweat. I hope I don't get addicted!

I weighed myself and I lost 2lbs. Woo I use to be 72.5kg! Ha! Posted Stats! I'm 5'5" btw.

Another long day tomorrow! Good Nite!


Day 08 of P90X

P90X: Phase 1 Week 2 Core Synergistics

Woooohoo! Week 2! I'm so excited that I'm progressing. :)

Today at church one of our members said to me, "You're getting slender now!" Ha! That compliment made me feel so good. I mean, shit, isn't it terrible that people tell you that you've gained weight and and mention that you've put on a few pounds? It's like NO SHIT, I know I can't fit into my favorite pair of jeans, I know I went up a dress size, I know, I know, I KNOW! It sucks to be reminded seriously. Some people can be so insensitive.

Whew, just had to get that off my chest.

Anyhoo, I was going to post a one week pre and post picture but I decided against it. I, myself, feel there is definite change but the pictures don't represent that. I can fit better in this one pair of jeans that I've had since I was 20 (I'm now 26). So that tells me a lot. And in general, I feel better about myself. I feel more confident about my body and that's what its all about anyways.

Core Synergisitics Round 2! Amazing. My first time around I couldn't do much of the push ups and that is the majority of the workout. But my 2nd try, I put it in my head that I would just try every single move and I did just about everyone of them, even the push ups! I didn't do as many as they did but I did more than 3/4 of each. I especially liked the "Reach High and Reach Under Push-Ups"! I can't believe I actually can do that! They were fun!

Well, I start my new job tomorrow. I have orientation in Pasadena :( So the bus will pick us up in San Diego at 530am. That means I have to wake up at 4AM! You're crazy! I'm such a night owl this is going to kill me! I really hope I'll have enough energy to work out afterwards. Cardio X!

Oatmeal & Brown Sugar, pandesal, half a cup of Coffee with Cream & Sugar (I needed it) and water
Lunch: We had takeout Chinese food :( I know, I know. Water
Dinner: Meat & Potatoes, Water


Day 07 of P90X

Phase 1 Week 1 Kenpo X

Woo! My last workout of Week 1! I had a busy day today so I worked out in the late afternoon. Surprisingly, I wasn't too sore and I conquered Kenpo X like I was in the MMA fight of my life! I was browsing through some other folks' blogs and some of you use weights (the attachable kind) during Kenpo X. I'm thinking of investing in a pair. Maybe it'll really help define my arms? In addition to the weights, I'm also thinking about getting a yoga mat. It'll help my carpet become more comfortable.

Diet: Not too good. The FH and I went to his friend's Graduation party so we ate tacos and I tried keep the beer on the minimum but they didn't have any light beer so I messed up on that one. I just had two beers so it's okay. After we went to my brother's girlfriend Jeni and my other best friend, John's birthday at a Local Bar and I had a few mixed drinks, mostly shots. I wonder if there is a huge difference between shots and mixed drinks. I'm sure there is. I'll have to research this.

I also discovered that I have a knack for baking, so I made some Toffee/Peanut Butter/Chocolate chip cookies but I had just a couple. Still Bad. :(

The only healthy thing I had today was Breakfast: my usual Oatmeal and brown sugar. Oh and NO SODA! Yay!


Day 06 of P90X


Yes I know, what? Rest Day already? Well, I had a busy day and personal things happened so it was best that I took my rest day today! Besides, I was still suffering from muscle soreness and I really wanted to just relax.

I had an awesome rest day and ate yummy food too! I still tried to keep it as healthy and as yummy as possible. I had a beer too so thats why my diet was all wacked out. :X

Kenpo X tomorrow!


Day 05 of P90X

Phase 1 Week 1 Legs & Back

I woke up this morning completely sore. I had a hard time getting out of bed. I just body rolled as gently as possible to the floor and pushed my self up. I could barely sit on the toilet without grunting in pain.

Anyhoo, I made the wise decision to work out first thing in the morning. It was time for Legs & Back. I figured I'd be able to do the stretches and it would help out with the rest of the exercise session. OUCH! It did help a lot to do the stretching and I did as much as I could with all the lunges and calf raises (those were killer but I loved it!). I kept thinking in my head, "No Pain No Gain" and I guess it helped. It's all mental baby, all mental.

Ab Ripper X was next. DOUBLE OUCH! I couldn't do as much as I did the first time I attempted this because of all the pain I was experiencing around my core. I tried to do as much as I could and hopefully it helped but it didn't with the pain!

All day I was stuck in one position and needed help to even get out of a chair! How come this happened? Is it because my body wasn't use to all the rigorous exercises? Will my body be ready tomorrow for Kenpo X? What could I have done to help elleviate the pain? Exercise later in the day? Stretch out more or after? I really want to BRING IT everytime but if I'm in so much pain, how can I? I shouldn't say pain, more like muscle soreness, but still! OUCH!

Diet: It was another crappy day. :(
Breakfast: Oatmeal and brown sugar babe! Water
Lunch: Lasanga (It was my Dad's Birthday so we bought it for him and us I guess. I messed up on the moderation part though)
Dinner: We made my Dad a Birthday Dinner and had Steak, Baked Potatoes, Grilled Corn, and Salad. For Dessert we had Watermelon and I had a little bit of Cheesecake.

I know, I know. I should be focusing on the P90X Nutrition Guide, but its hard! And most of the recipes require cooking and yes, I do love to cook and bake (my new passion!), I just want something quick and easy. I'll definetly try to focus more on my diet. I promise.


Day 04 of P90X

P90X Lean:
Phase 1 Yoga X

Yoga X was really LOOOOONNNNGGGG!

But it was fun! I sweated like a Pig during all the Warrior Poses. I think I sweated more than Cardio X alone. I seriously enjoyed this session. I felt I that all my energy was focused on getting the pose done. I really tried to clear my mind of all the negativity and get into it. It's true what Tony says, "You have to clear your mind." It was all mental. Whatever I couldn't do, I told myself I that I could and I did! Corny, but it really helped to keep positive.

I tried every pose to the best of my ability. I fell a couple times but I got back up and did it again. My fave was the part where we just did poses like the tree pose, frog pose and all that. And the happy baby pose was awesome!

Hopefully I can do some crazy poses after a couple months like these


After Yoga X, I went to meet up with my Best Friend ( and Maid of Honor ) her fiance, her cousin and brother at a local park to take our dogs for a walk. So I took our 11 month old Beagle Mix Puppy, Luna. She's extremely shy and only gets along well with our other dog, Trixie, who is a 12 year old Chow-Terrier Mix. But Luna did well and she enjoyed her walk and play time with B-Boy and Angel, two cute Pomeranians. So we walked around for a little more than half-an hour and ran around with the dogs at the dog park. Yay for more exercise! Hopefully we can keep this up and go there on the regular. :)

Earlier today, the FH and I worked in the backyard and sweated like a pig also so I count that as some type of exercise. Sweat is all good.

Diet: I'm really not good with my dieting! :(
Breakfast: Oatmeal! Water :)
Lunch: Left over Chinese Food
Dinner: Tuna Salad Salad :) Iced Tea, Water
After workout snack: I felt so tired so I just skipped and waited for dinner. bad!

Ahhh, this will be my last weekend of freedom before I become a slave to the man again! I miss work so it's all good. I have to join a Union this time but unions are good especially for those in the medical field. Gotta protect yo self.

Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Rodriguez

I'll admit it. I frequent a lot of Celebrity Gossip sites. Some of my faves are Perez Hilton, and TMZ (the FH was on that site for a Crazy Hair Contest lol). Sometimes I feel so disgusting because most celebrities are really, really skinny and their outfits are stunning. I'd want to wear it but it wouldn't look the same on me as it did on Kate Moss or Victoria Beckam.

There are a few celebrities that are "Gorgeous" (say it in the way Tony would!). Their bodies aren't super skinny, but inspiring to say the least.

One chick I always admired was Michelle Rodriguez. She's on Lost, in Girl Fight and most recently, Fast and the Furious. During the first installment of F&F, she really caught my eye because her arms were the kind of arms I'd like to have, not too skinny, well defined, but not too bulky (Three little Bears, huh?). In the scene where her crew was racing and they get in a fight and Michelle's charater slugs the opposing, WOW! Her arms looked deadly!

I couldn't find the exact still shot of that scene from the movie but her arms looked awesome!

Maybe if my arms are like hers Vin Diesel will carry me away like this! JK. I already have my Vin Diesel. :)
I don't think this is from the movie but still an awesome shot of her. Not too bulky and the perfect stomach!

Hollywood's not all about skin and bones. :)


Day 03 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1 Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X


I've done the Shoulders & Arms before. It was right after trying on Wedding Gowns and I hated, hated, HATED the way my arms looked. My FH said that the #1 comment he gets from Brides when he takes his pictures is they hate how their arms look in the photos or they tell him to shoot them in a way that hides their arms. Unless you wear a bolero or jacket, hiding your arms is unavoidable. So I really hope I'll be able to tighten up my arms without adding on bulk.

But this session I had it in my mind already that I was going to BRING IT. I tried my best to do 15 reps each and I did! The "Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks" were killer and burned like hell but I enjoyed the pain! No Pain No Gain, right? My bicep muscle was twitching a little! Good workout!

Oh boy, Ab Ripper X. Ab Ripper X will be the death of me! Now I know why most of the P90X Grads have beautifully ripped stomachs. 15 minutes of intensive crunches working out all the abdominal muscles. I think Tony said it was about 300 crunches? Out of the 300 I think I only did a little more than half. I tried to at least do 10 of whatever they were doing and rest and then get back into it if possible. Maybe in a month I'll be able to hang the whole 15 minutes? I hope so!!

I haven't put any stats up yet. What is a fitness blog without before pictures, weights and measurements? I'll put them up maybe after Phase 1 or sooner. Don't worry, I'll do it. I promise.

Breakfast: I had a piece of Toast with Strawberry Jam ( I know. I gotta work on it!)
Lunch: The FH and I went to have Sushi. I had a Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box :( I didn't eat the entire meal though!
Dinner: My parents came home (finally) from the Casino and brought home a variety of Chinese Food. I had some Chicken Fried Rice, and Mongolian Beef (soo good but so bad!) and water.
After Workout Snack: Water and an apple.

I really need diet discipline!

Yoga tomorrow!


Day 02 of 90

P90X: Cardio X

Boy! This session definitely proved to me that I was out of shape! I can't believe that I was able to do all these P90X exercises just a couple months ago and now I can barely get through warm-up! But I tried my best to hang with it and was proud of myself that I got through it!

One part I did enjoy was the yoga warm-up. I hope to perfect my form as the weeks go by. All the warrior poses made me sweat like crazy and gave my body the warm-up it deserved. I came across this article about a "Yoga SuperGran" months back and damn can Granny work the poses at 83 years old!If she's not inspiration, I don't know who is! Wouldn't that be crazy to do at that age?

Diet: My diet sucked today. It was another bad day for me. But as the day went on, I tried my best to control my cravings. We were going to have sushi but we didn't! Yay for us!

Breakfast: I actually f-ed up and had a very early breakfast/meal at 1AM this morning. We were at the casino for Mothers' Day and we were there very late. I really wanted to order French Toast because Barona Casino has the best, best, best French Toast I've ever had! But my brother scolded me (Thanks Bro for the Tough Love) and I had a Cobb Salad which was very, very good too. Oh and water.
My real breakfast was at 8AM that morning at the Casino still. (We ended up staying over) And this time I had the French Toast with fresh fruit on the side. I drank a glass of pineapple juice and water.
Lunch: Because of the late night, I ended up having a late lunch after my nap (I don't want to nap at all either) which was more than a cup of white, steamed rice and roast beef from the night before and water.
Dinner: My FH came home and we made Teriaki Chicken Pasta. Ugh, carbs. And I drank water (no more soda)
After Workout Snack: I worked out late this time but I had an apple and a couple glasses of water.

I really need to tweak my diet :P

Window Shopping: Alfred Angelo

My best friend (who is also my FH, [future husband]'s cousin), will be getting married this October. She finally found "the dress" at Alfred Angelo and suggested I check them out as well. I checked out their website and found a few dresses to my liking!

style 2031
I'm really digging the satin sheen with minimal beading detail. I do adore the sweetheart neckline too. I showed this one to my mom (she said she's purchasing my dress for me!) and she loved it as well.

style 2001
I'm not one for a tremendous amount of glam, but if I were to pick something flashy, I'd go with something as classic as lace. The detail of this gown gives it a vintage feel without being overdone

style 2025
I tried on a dress similar to this style at David's Bridal and my initial reaction was "hmm no" but my Mother loved it. She said it showed off my curves (they're not the good kind, trust me! That's why I'm trying to lose it!) and my body resembled Beyonce. Haha. What a compliment! But after I saw the pictures of myself in it, I actually started liking it. It had all the features I was somewhat searching for: Sweetheart top, minimial glam, and the trumpet/mermaid bottom. I'll definetely try this one!

style 2007
Again, I tried one similar to this style but more on the Grecian side. If you view the back detail of this dress, it has a huge, loose bow which I find kind of cute. And again, it has some details of what I'm looking for.

style 802
This one is most like the one I fell in love with at David's Bridal. I actually cried wearing that dress. The one thing I like that's different with this gown is that it has more beading I feel, the right amount of glam, I should say.

style 1149
I don't think I would actually wear this down the isle, but do find it very cute! I kinda get a innocent feel from it. Maybe I'll try it on just to see if I feel differently.

When my mom told me she was going to purchase my dress for me, I wanted to call and make appointments to try some on but I keep getting scared that if I purchase it now, I won't fit into it. But it would be more motivation!

(images courtesy of Alfred Angelo)


Day 01 of P90X

P90X: Core Synergisitcs


This workout kicked my ass. I tried my best to get through it with all the superman bananas. Those were killer but I enjoyed the pain because I knew it would be one step closer to my "beachbody" as Tony Horton claimed. I had trouble with all the push-ups and variations of it but I shook it out and walked in place while they finished up. Dreya has a killer body for sure but dang she is so hardcore, taking every exercise to the extra mile. Very inspiring.

Diet was crappy today.

Breakfast : Coffee, handful of Club Crackers (Sorry, running late to church)
Lunch: Water, PF Chang Lettuce Chicken Wraps, a slice of Mother's Day Cake (terrible!)
Roast Beef Salad, Water


This is something I gotta work on for sure.

Tony Horton will be my Hero

My weapon of choice:Yes, the famous P90X. Why? Well, I've tried it before and have seen results, but then I admit, I got lazy and messed up everything! I did it for about a month with a diet and lost some pounds with inches off the waist and hips. I was doing it with my fiance who was really, really dedicated to it and he lost 20lbs with very visible results including 3 inches off his waist. We did it to our own accord though, and just did the most cardio and plyometrics as possible.

So what will be different this time?

I'll be doing the P90X Lean which concentrates on maximum weight loss and less of putting on muscle mass. I google searched P90X Lean and the images alone inspire me! This time I'd doing it the way it was instructed to in the booklet.

In addition to P90X Lean, I'll be dieting again. My fiance and I love to eat out together, and we always crave sushi! We eat it several times a week :( I know, bad. So our old diet will kick in as well. We ate the most carbs for breakfast, snacked on fruits and veggies, cut out carbs after 1pm, and didn't eat a large meal four hours prior to going to bed. It may not be the best diet, but I found it worked best for me. We also allowed a free day where we ate whatever we wanted but with control.

Woo! I'm motivated now! My fiance (who is also a photographer, btw), took my Day 1 pictures! 90 Days here I come!

(Image Courtesy of: amazon.com)

Intro & Purpose..

Like almost every bride-to-be, one of my goals on my checklist is to "Lose Weight before the Wedding". With all the stress of planning a wedding, exercise should become an important regiment to help relieve our "Bridezilla" tendencies.

With this blog, I'll try to post my daily routine of diet and exercise as well as some wedding-planning drama I may come across. Hopefully I'll be able to get some feedback from some of you and share some insight as well.

A little info about me and my fiance...

We met November 17, 2007, officially began our love adventure November 25, 2007, and became engaged December 20, 2008. Because of my fiance's decision to enlist in the Navy, we were to be married this April but our fate had changed and now we plan to get married within the next year. We also hope to fund it entirely ourselves, so this will take time as money is an issue like with most of us during these hard economic times.

Oh yeah, I also had tried on a few dresses but have not yet found the one! But I did see that I was dissatisfied with the look of my body in the dresses, so I really hope I'll be able to fit into "the dress"!