Day 22 of P90X

P90x Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: YOGA X

So much for a resting week. Yoga X today kicked my butt. I seriously am losing my motiviation. I think it's the anxiety of this new job. But at least I am still pressing play, right?

Well, I feel like I'm doing really well with Yoga X. I don't do the extreme, advanced poses, but I do every single one! I tumble a bit, but I get back up and do it! I really, really like the Yoga Belly 7 they do at the end. Although it's super long, I feel it really relaxes and stretches out my sore body and still gives me an awesome workout.

As far as diets go, I've been trying to cut the calories. I've been portion controlling and eating mostly salads when I go out. So hopefully this will help with the results I'm dying to see.

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