Saving for the Wedding... Being the Frugal Bride-to-Be

If me and my FH had the funds, we'd be married already. We would have the date set at least and be married by the end of the year. But that's not the case.

Basically, the economic downfall hit us hard and we are just now getting back on our feet. I guess during that time, we really learned how to buckle down and not splurge on the unnecessary. Trust me, I was really, really bad. I was the one who's paycheck was half gone before the weekend was over. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks.

So we just started saving for the wedding. We try to put 25-30% of our week's paycheck aside and whatever else we can. So far it's working out well. We don't touch our savings unless we both agree its an emergency or it relates to the wedding.

For each month, we set our Wedding Financial goal. For the month of June, we hope to make a down payment for our venue (that means setting the date!!!!).

So, how do I learn how to save money?

  • Leave the Credit Cards at home. If I can't pay for it by the end of the month, I don't need it.
  • Use cash. If you are just purchasing something less than 20$ then just pull out the cash. Sometimes when you use your debit card, you tend to forget that you spent the 3$ on lunch or 5$ at starbucks.
  • Don't buy it unless you have a coupon. Sorry, I learned this from Kate (Jon & Kate plus 8). When the FH and I go out to eat, we use coupons. A lot of local restaurants have awesome deals but by coupon only. Check your local paper or mailers.
  • Bring a lunch to work. Sometimes we just don't have enough time in the morning, but if you make it before you put away the leftover dinner and stick it in the fridge, its one less thing to do (and more time to snooze!) I like to make bento boxes sometimes.

I have many, many more ideas... I gotta save this for another post. Time for bed :)

Day 20 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1, Week 3: Legs & Back, AB Ripper X

Today was my day off. Finally got in a full 8 hours (or even more) of sleep. I spent the beginning of my day with my Hubbie-to-be. Rested some more (I think I nap too much), and then he left for work. Which left me time to work out.

I don't know about yah'll but I can't work out if someone is watching me. Me and my FH use to workout together but our schedules are so messed up that it we just ended up doing our own thing. So when the cat's away, it's time for P90X!

Legs & Back went very, very well. I increased the resistance in the bands and used the more heavier ones. Much, much better and I definitely felt the burn.

I guess my overall goal with my legs is to tone them. In addition to my arms, and tummy, I feel my legs are up there with the worst parts of my body. I inherited them so it's my mom's fault. Haha. Remember Britney Spear's prior to her toned body (the first time?) well, those are my legs.

So the calf raises (OUCH!) will help as well with all the lunges. I just hope the size of my butt doesn't decrease because that's one of the things I do like. Haha.

Ab Ripper X... I didn't really feel like Bringing It today so I just did at least 10 of each set but I did do the 40 reps of the Mason Balls (is that what its called? can't remember).

Recovery Week just around the corner! And THEN.. PHASE 2!