Day 33 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 2, Week 5: KENPO X

I LOVE KENPO X! I feel I get the most sweatiest when I do Kenpo X. The more I sweat, the more calories I burn. And the more calories I burn, the more closer I get to my weight goal!

I know I haven't been really on the ball this past week and last with P90X. I guess my previous illness messed me up as well as the stress from my new job. So I'll do what I can do and hopefully I can catch up and get back on track.

Oh, I lost 5lbs in the last week! :)


Day 32 of P90X

Today was a no-go with P90X. I had a massive migraine and it wouldn't go away. Then I had to head to work. PM shift hours are terrible. I'll catch up on the weekend.


Our Dream Venue...

So it turns out that our dream venue, the Island Club, is not taking events for 2010. They're going through renovations for the entire year. :( I was so devastated when I heard that. The FH and I have been talking about that place since we've been engaged. So now we are on the hunt for another venue that :
  • Is on the beach
  • Is on the Navy Base or affiliated with (they have the best deals for catering and reception)
  • Can have both the Ceremony and reception close to each other.
There is another venue on the same strip of beach that we can have the ceremony at. We're considering that.

I guess we'll keep looking :(

Day 31 of P90X

P90X Lean:
Phase 2, Week 5: CARDIO X

Oops. Today's suppose to be Yoga X but I switched it to Cardio X because I had so much to do before I had to go to work that there wasn't any time to do Yoga. :( I haven't done Yoga X in awhile. :( I promise, soon.


Day 30 of P90X


O M G.

O M G. Seriously.

I have never ever worked my chest, shoulders & triceps so hard in my life. I've never done so many push-ups either. I've never even done 3 consecutive push-ups (not the knee kind) in my life. WOWWIE. What a work out.

So I guess this is part of the "Muscle Confusion" that P90X is known for. I've never done this session before, so I was quite surprised. But, I forced myself to try each and every set even if it made me topple over. The slow push-ups killed it. But it was awesome! The set of reps when you "pour" the weight? Killer. I can't wait to try this again next week.

AB Ripper X is beginning to be my friend. I think I can do every single move but not at the same pace as Tony does. So I just pause or rewind to catch up. I find this helps a lot because they tend to Bring It and I'm just not there yet.

My diet continues to be terrible. That's what happens when you have a future husband who love to cook for you. :) I love what he makes that's why it's so bad. lol. Portion control and Bring it. :)


Day 29 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 2, Week 5: Cardio X

Pretty good workout. I always love Cardio X. :)

Sorry, gotta get ready for work :)



Day 27 of P90X

I can't get rid of this stomach bug! :(


Day 26 of P90X

P90X was a no go again today. My stomach was still aching and I had work later today. I couldn't even tolerate any meals because it would just discourage my stomach. Damn Milk!

So what happens if you get ill during P90X? Will you be able to catch up? I hope so. No rest day for me tomorrow.

Some Exciting News!

So as most of you know, the FH and I are planning on funding our wedding ourselves. And for the past month, we've been saving and saving and trying to get back up financially. Well, we have all our finances in order AND we will be making the deposit on our dream venue in the NEXT COUPLE WEEKS! That means SETTING THE DATE!

So time to bring it with the P90X!!!


Day 25 of P90X

This might be a bit of TMI for some of you but I really, really cannot tolerated Milk. I was reminded again today when I was eating a bit of chocolate and I chased it with a small bottle of Low Fat Milk. It probably wasn't even Low Fat because I have never experienced the after effects like this before. My stomach begun to cramp like it never did before. As if it was turning over and over. I seriously wanted to go into the Hospital or something because it was unbearable. :( Thank God I was off of work and I could rest it off. So I just took some tylenol and some antacids and tried to sleep it off. But sleeping was impossible.

What a waste of a recovery week!


Day 24 of P90X

P90X Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: KENPO X

Kenpo X again?

Oh Kenpo X. I'm sorry I doubted you. I'm sorry my first impression of you wasn't the best.

Kenpo X was AMAZING today. I was sweating like crazy and I brought every single move. I even did the "X" . Damn, what an improvement from the first day I tried it. I loved it!


Day 23 of P90X

P90X Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: CORE SYNERGISTICS

I hate my new schedule. Working Swing Shift messes up my whole routine. I use to work out in the early evening to help me wind down, but now, I have to do it in the morning. Today I woke up a little later than usual and I ended up just finishing my workout. I usually like to rest before I go to work too... but no time. I guess thats the sacrifice I must make!

Core Synergistics... I feel like I haven't been doing this one as much. I guess this is only the, 4th time? Probably why. But it went well. I'm working on perfecting each movement, especially my push-ups. I struggle with those. But I did pretty well with the Push-up Reach High and Low ones. I think thats my favorite of this workout. I haven't even attempted to do the advance session. Maybe next time?

Okay well, time to get ready for work. grr.


Day 22 of P90X

P90x Lean: Recovery Week, Week 4: YOGA X

So much for a resting week. Yoga X today kicked my butt. I seriously am losing my motiviation. I think it's the anxiety of this new job. But at least I am still pressing play, right?

Well, I feel like I'm doing really well with Yoga X. I don't do the extreme, advanced poses, but I do every single one! I tumble a bit, but I get back up and do it! I really, really like the Yoga Belly 7 they do at the end. Although it's super long, I feel it really relaxes and stretches out my sore body and still gives me an awesome workout.

As far as diets go, I've been trying to cut the calories. I've been portion controlling and eating mostly salads when I go out. So hopefully this will help with the results I'm dying to see.