Day 02 of 90

P90X: Cardio X

Boy! This session definitely proved to me that I was out of shape! I can't believe that I was able to do all these P90X exercises just a couple months ago and now I can barely get through warm-up! But I tried my best to hang with it and was proud of myself that I got through it!

One part I did enjoy was the yoga warm-up. I hope to perfect my form as the weeks go by. All the warrior poses made me sweat like crazy and gave my body the warm-up it deserved. I came across this article about a "Yoga SuperGran" months back and damn can Granny work the poses at 83 years old!If she's not inspiration, I don't know who is! Wouldn't that be crazy to do at that age?

Diet: My diet sucked today. It was another bad day for me. But as the day went on, I tried my best to control my cravings. We were going to have sushi but we didn't! Yay for us!

Breakfast: I actually f-ed up and had a very early breakfast/meal at 1AM this morning. We were at the casino for Mothers' Day and we were there very late. I really wanted to order French Toast because Barona Casino has the best, best, best French Toast I've ever had! But my brother scolded me (Thanks Bro for the Tough Love) and I had a Cobb Salad which was very, very good too. Oh and water.
My real breakfast was at 8AM that morning at the Casino still. (We ended up staying over) And this time I had the French Toast with fresh fruit on the side. I drank a glass of pineapple juice and water.
Lunch: Because of the late night, I ended up having a late lunch after my nap (I don't want to nap at all either) which was more than a cup of white, steamed rice and roast beef from the night before and water.
Dinner: My FH came home and we made Teriaki Chicken Pasta. Ugh, carbs. And I drank water (no more soda)
After Workout Snack: I worked out late this time but I had an apple and a couple glasses of water.

I really need to tweak my diet :P

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Annie said...

Congrats on getting married! Tony will have you in shape for your dress in no time! I see your doing the Lean version. Great choice!