Day 21 of P90X

P90X Lean: Last Day of Phase 1 and Week 3: KENPO X

Work was so difficult today. It sucks being the newbie in a whole different environment. It's like the first day of school again.

I came home and had a little QT with the FH. Worked out at my usual time. For some reason I didn't want to do Kenpo X so I started to do Cardio X... but my arms were killing me from yesterday's workout of the back, so I just went back to the Kenpo X.

When I usually start a workout routine, a few weeks into it, I start to lose interest and start half-assing it. I told myself I wouldn't do it with P90X but it's starting. Maybe because I get too tired from work? I dunno. Like I said in previous posts, I'm a bit discouraged because I haven't been getting the results I want. I haven't even lost notable weight. My FH says that he sees my abs working while I work out and my arms are getting more toned. But I don't see it. I need to do some more research maybe...

Anyways, Kenpo X was fun. I don't know why I've been trying to avoid it.

Weird thing today was, I actually said, "Shut up Tony, You're too funny." OMG. lol

No rest day for me! Straight on to RECOVERY WEEK!!!