Day 01 of P90X

P90X: Core Synergisitcs


This workout kicked my ass. I tried my best to get through it with all the superman bananas. Those were killer but I enjoyed the pain because I knew it would be one step closer to my "beachbody" as Tony Horton claimed. I had trouble with all the push-ups and variations of it but I shook it out and walked in place while they finished up. Dreya has a killer body for sure but dang she is so hardcore, taking every exercise to the extra mile. Very inspiring.

Diet was crappy today.

Breakfast : Coffee, handful of Club Crackers (Sorry, running late to church)
Lunch: Water, PF Chang Lettuce Chicken Wraps, a slice of Mother's Day Cake (terrible!)
Roast Beef Salad, Water


This is something I gotta work on for sure.

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