Day 04 of P90X

P90X Lean:
Phase 1 Yoga X

Yoga X was really LOOOOONNNNGGGG!

But it was fun! I sweated like a Pig during all the Warrior Poses. I think I sweated more than Cardio X alone. I seriously enjoyed this session. I felt I that all my energy was focused on getting the pose done. I really tried to clear my mind of all the negativity and get into it. It's true what Tony says, "You have to clear your mind." It was all mental. Whatever I couldn't do, I told myself I that I could and I did! Corny, but it really helped to keep positive.

I tried every pose to the best of my ability. I fell a couple times but I got back up and did it again. My fave was the part where we just did poses like the tree pose, frog pose and all that. And the happy baby pose was awesome!

Hopefully I can do some crazy poses after a couple months like these


After Yoga X, I went to meet up with my Best Friend ( and Maid of Honor ) her fiance, her cousin and brother at a local park to take our dogs for a walk. So I took our 11 month old Beagle Mix Puppy, Luna. She's extremely shy and only gets along well with our other dog, Trixie, who is a 12 year old Chow-Terrier Mix. But Luna did well and she enjoyed her walk and play time with B-Boy and Angel, two cute Pomeranians. So we walked around for a little more than half-an hour and ran around with the dogs at the dog park. Yay for more exercise! Hopefully we can keep this up and go there on the regular. :)

Earlier today, the FH and I worked in the backyard and sweated like a pig also so I count that as some type of exercise. Sweat is all good.

Diet: I'm really not good with my dieting! :(
Breakfast: Oatmeal! Water :)
Lunch: Left over Chinese Food
Dinner: Tuna Salad Salad :) Iced Tea, Water
After workout snack: I felt so tired so I just skipped and waited for dinner. bad!

Ahhh, this will be my last weekend of freedom before I become a slave to the man again! I miss work so it's all good. I have to join a Union this time but unions are good especially for those in the medical field. Gotta protect yo self.

Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Rodriguez

I'll admit it. I frequent a lot of Celebrity Gossip sites. Some of my faves are Perez Hilton, and TMZ (the FH was on that site for a Crazy Hair Contest lol). Sometimes I feel so disgusting because most celebrities are really, really skinny and their outfits are stunning. I'd want to wear it but it wouldn't look the same on me as it did on Kate Moss or Victoria Beckam.

There are a few celebrities that are "Gorgeous" (say it in the way Tony would!). Their bodies aren't super skinny, but inspiring to say the least.

One chick I always admired was Michelle Rodriguez. She's on Lost, in Girl Fight and most recently, Fast and the Furious. During the first installment of F&F, she really caught my eye because her arms were the kind of arms I'd like to have, not too skinny, well defined, but not too bulky (Three little Bears, huh?). In the scene where her crew was racing and they get in a fight and Michelle's charater slugs the opposing, WOW! Her arms looked deadly!

I couldn't find the exact still shot of that scene from the movie but her arms looked awesome!

Maybe if my arms are like hers Vin Diesel will carry me away like this! JK. I already have my Vin Diesel. :)
I don't think this is from the movie but still an awesome shot of her. Not too bulky and the perfect stomach!

Hollywood's not all about skin and bones. :)