Tony Horton will be my Hero

My weapon of choice:Yes, the famous P90X. Why? Well, I've tried it before and have seen results, but then I admit, I got lazy and messed up everything! I did it for about a month with a diet and lost some pounds with inches off the waist and hips. I was doing it with my fiance who was really, really dedicated to it and he lost 20lbs with very visible results including 3 inches off his waist. We did it to our own accord though, and just did the most cardio and plyometrics as possible.

So what will be different this time?

I'll be doing the P90X Lean which concentrates on maximum weight loss and less of putting on muscle mass. I google searched P90X Lean and the images alone inspire me! This time I'd doing it the way it was instructed to in the booklet.

In addition to P90X Lean, I'll be dieting again. My fiance and I love to eat out together, and we always crave sushi! We eat it several times a week :( I know, bad. So our old diet will kick in as well. We ate the most carbs for breakfast, snacked on fruits and veggies, cut out carbs after 1pm, and didn't eat a large meal four hours prior to going to bed. It may not be the best diet, but I found it worked best for me. We also allowed a free day where we ate whatever we wanted but with control.

Woo! I'm motivated now! My fiance (who is also a photographer, btw), took my Day 1 pictures! 90 Days here I come!

(Image Courtesy of: amazon.com)

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