Window Shopping: Alfred Angelo

My best friend (who is also my FH, [future husband]'s cousin), will be getting married this October. She finally found "the dress" at Alfred Angelo and suggested I check them out as well. I checked out their website and found a few dresses to my liking!

style 2031
I'm really digging the satin sheen with minimal beading detail. I do adore the sweetheart neckline too. I showed this one to my mom (she said she's purchasing my dress for me!) and she loved it as well.

style 2001
I'm not one for a tremendous amount of glam, but if I were to pick something flashy, I'd go with something as classic as lace. The detail of this gown gives it a vintage feel without being overdone

style 2025
I tried on a dress similar to this style at David's Bridal and my initial reaction was "hmm no" but my Mother loved it. She said it showed off my curves (they're not the good kind, trust me! That's why I'm trying to lose it!) and my body resembled Beyonce. Haha. What a compliment! But after I saw the pictures of myself in it, I actually started liking it. It had all the features I was somewhat searching for: Sweetheart top, minimial glam, and the trumpet/mermaid bottom. I'll definetely try this one!

style 2007
Again, I tried one similar to this style but more on the Grecian side. If you view the back detail of this dress, it has a huge, loose bow which I find kind of cute. And again, it has some details of what I'm looking for.

style 802
This one is most like the one I fell in love with at David's Bridal. I actually cried wearing that dress. The one thing I like that's different with this gown is that it has more beading I feel, the right amount of glam, I should say.

style 1149
I don't think I would actually wear this down the isle, but do find it very cute! I kinda get a innocent feel from it. Maybe I'll try it on just to see if I feel differently.

When my mom told me she was going to purchase my dress for me, I wanted to call and make appointments to try some on but I keep getting scared that if I purchase it now, I won't fit into it. But it would be more motivation!

(images courtesy of Alfred Angelo)

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