Day 08 of P90X

P90X: Phase 1 Week 2 Core Synergistics

Woooohoo! Week 2! I'm so excited that I'm progressing. :)

Today at church one of our members said to me, "You're getting slender now!" Ha! That compliment made me feel so good. I mean, shit, isn't it terrible that people tell you that you've gained weight and and mention that you've put on a few pounds? It's like NO SHIT, I know I can't fit into my favorite pair of jeans, I know I went up a dress size, I know, I know, I KNOW! It sucks to be reminded seriously. Some people can be so insensitive.

Whew, just had to get that off my chest.

Anyhoo, I was going to post a one week pre and post picture but I decided against it. I, myself, feel there is definite change but the pictures don't represent that. I can fit better in this one pair of jeans that I've had since I was 20 (I'm now 26). So that tells me a lot. And in general, I feel better about myself. I feel more confident about my body and that's what its all about anyways.

Core Synergisitics Round 2! Amazing. My first time around I couldn't do much of the push ups and that is the majority of the workout. But my 2nd try, I put it in my head that I would just try every single move and I did just about everyone of them, even the push ups! I didn't do as many as they did but I did more than 3/4 of each. I especially liked the "Reach High and Reach Under Push-Ups"! I can't believe I actually can do that! They were fun!

Well, I start my new job tomorrow. I have orientation in Pasadena :( So the bus will pick us up in San Diego at 530am. That means I have to wake up at 4AM! You're crazy! I'm such a night owl this is going to kill me! I really hope I'll have enough energy to work out afterwards. Cardio X!

Oatmeal & Brown Sugar, pandesal, half a cup of Coffee with Cream & Sugar (I needed it) and water
Lunch: We had takeout Chinese food :( I know, I know. Water
Dinner: Meat & Potatoes, Water