Day 07 of P90X

Phase 1 Week 1 Kenpo X

Woo! My last workout of Week 1! I had a busy day today so I worked out in the late afternoon. Surprisingly, I wasn't too sore and I conquered Kenpo X like I was in the MMA fight of my life! I was browsing through some other folks' blogs and some of you use weights (the attachable kind) during Kenpo X. I'm thinking of investing in a pair. Maybe it'll really help define my arms? In addition to the weights, I'm also thinking about getting a yoga mat. It'll help my carpet become more comfortable.

Diet: Not too good. The FH and I went to his friend's Graduation party so we ate tacos and I tried keep the beer on the minimum but they didn't have any light beer so I messed up on that one. I just had two beers so it's okay. After we went to my brother's girlfriend Jeni and my other best friend, John's birthday at a Local Bar and I had a few mixed drinks, mostly shots. I wonder if there is a huge difference between shots and mixed drinks. I'm sure there is. I'll have to research this.

I also discovered that I have a knack for baking, so I made some Toffee/Peanut Butter/Chocolate chip cookies but I had just a couple. Still Bad. :(

The only healthy thing I had today was Breakfast: my usual Oatmeal and brown sugar. Oh and NO SODA! Yay!