Day 03 of P90X

P90X Lean: Phase 1 Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X


I've done the Shoulders & Arms before. It was right after trying on Wedding Gowns and I hated, hated, HATED the way my arms looked. My FH said that the #1 comment he gets from Brides when he takes his pictures is they hate how their arms look in the photos or they tell him to shoot them in a way that hides their arms. Unless you wear a bolero or jacket, hiding your arms is unavoidable. So I really hope I'll be able to tighten up my arms without adding on bulk.

But this session I had it in my mind already that I was going to BRING IT. I tried my best to do 15 reps each and I did! The "Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks" were killer and burned like hell but I enjoyed the pain! No Pain No Gain, right? My bicep muscle was twitching a little! Good workout!

Oh boy, Ab Ripper X. Ab Ripper X will be the death of me! Now I know why most of the P90X Grads have beautifully ripped stomachs. 15 minutes of intensive crunches working out all the abdominal muscles. I think Tony said it was about 300 crunches? Out of the 300 I think I only did a little more than half. I tried to at least do 10 of whatever they were doing and rest and then get back into it if possible. Maybe in a month I'll be able to hang the whole 15 minutes? I hope so!!

I haven't put any stats up yet. What is a fitness blog without before pictures, weights and measurements? I'll put them up maybe after Phase 1 or sooner. Don't worry, I'll do it. I promise.

Breakfast: I had a piece of Toast with Strawberry Jam ( I know. I gotta work on it!)
Lunch: The FH and I went to have Sushi. I had a Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box :( I didn't eat the entire meal though!
Dinner: My parents came home (finally) from the Casino and brought home a variety of Chinese Food. I had some Chicken Fried Rice, and Mongolian Beef (soo good but so bad!) and water.
After Workout Snack: Water and an apple.

I really need diet discipline!

Yoga tomorrow!

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