Day 7/30DS

Only day 7. yep.

It's alright because I feel it working. Dangit Jillan Michaels, you are my new Tony Horton.

We missed a few days because of Illness and lack of time. But 30DS is working. I see a noticeable difference in my body and I'm fitting into an old favorite pair of jeans better.

I'm excited to move on to Stage 2. It looks killer and I'm so up for the challenge.

Oh and I agreed to stop weighing myself multiple times a day. It is quite discouraging. So I'll only do so every Sunday. But I weighed myself today (haha) and I'm maintaining so its safe to say I've lost 2 lbs since last Sunday. :)


Diet wise, been craving a hamburger lately. But I've been sneaking in Girl Scout Mint Cookies :X Its only been two days of not being so strict so I hope to straighten out tomorrow. (I better eat the rest of those cookies then... jk)

A good thing though is that I've been crazy craving those Yellow Apples. They are so yummy I think I eat like three a day and have to make tri-weekly trips to Henry's just to fill up.

So 30DS + Good Eating = Happiness

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