Day 11/30 of 30DS

I think I messed up on my count! But I'm either day 10 or 11. According to my calender I'm day 11! Oh well..

Yesterday the FH and I started on Phase 2! OMG. OMG! OMG! It's a freaken killer. Reminiscent of the Plyometrics workout of P90X. Man, I never sweated so much in my life!

Second day of it today and boy, I was sweating! A little sore from yesterday's workout. My shoulder muscles were killing me (also reminds me of Slim in 6). I maybe need to get some lighter weights like 2lbs or something (I've been using 5lbs) because I can't really get through an entire set without my arms feeling like they're going to fall off! Maybe it's working? HAHA No Pain no gain right?

Abs were being worked out but I didn't feel like they were being pushed to their limits. I liked the ab workouts in Phase 1.. but this one not so much. A lot of Plank moves (makes me want to do Yoga X again! I miss it!) and stuff...

We'll not too sure if today's workout will be for nothing. Today PacMan fights and its basically a Philippine holiday full of junkfood and beer. Maybe I won't do so much today. And weigh in is tomorrow!! uH-oh...

Okay till next time!

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