Here's my RANT!

I am so frustrated with diet and exercising.

It makes me want to make myself throw up. Literally...

In the beginning of the year, my fiance and I agreed we would start watching what we eat and eat as healthy as possible.

Okay... two weeks after that start date... guess who can fit back into their size 34 jeans again? FH! Frustrating...

We eat the same stuff...

I exercise way more than he does...

and who the fuck drops the most weight????????????
and who the fuck is at the same freaken weight they were at the beginning of the year????????

FRUSTRATED SO FRUSTRATED SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hit the 9 month mark and its on and poppin!

I'm double timing my workouts AND I going to be strict as fuck when it comes to diet.....!!!!!!!!!

I will be a slim bride NO effing doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry.. the hood comes out when I get mad)

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